Mr. Chaplin captured the essence of our message in 1940….

wait a sec… that was…SEVENTY ONE YEARS AGO.

(please be patient. This is four entire minutes long. A message from a time when there was a little more time. Well worth the watch and some contemplation.)

There’s only one problem. He only tells us what NOT to do. The 99% are also telling us what’s wrong. But we all know what’s wrong, we’ve known what’s wrong for years. You can’t move toward anything new with a massive NO in your heart. We keep blaming it on the greed of the 1% but greed is not all that is in our nature. All this hoarding is an adaptive response to scarcity. And there is an invented scarcity in this world. Money. Oh, there’s a lot of it, more every day, ¬†enough that if you know how to game the system you can get ahead. But only at the expense of another. THIS is what invokes our greed. The System pushes us to our maladaptive behavior, rampant cancerous growth, greed, hoarding, violence in an attempt to dominate. Yes, its in our nature but it’s not ALL of our nature.
We just didn’t know how else to do it… Until now.

So it’s time to get under the no. Find the Yes. Now we know what to do, at least how to start. It’s time to invent a new system. A System that works for the betterment of ALL.¬†Now is the time. We start quietly undermining the current system now. In 2082 we do NOT want to be 150 quintillion dollars in debt and whining about human nature.

Instead, lets say we begin to work together, with no central organizing body, under the wire, inside the system, recycling money, ending debt and the practice of charging interest. Usary. Interest is the entirely invented mechanism of fear and scarcity. Humans made it up. Only humans can un-make-it-up. It begins to end now. As soon as you join us…. We promise you…

Fear. Dies. Here.

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