Contribute to a Fear Free World

One of our guiding principles. It’s time to stop pointing at what’s wrong and time to start creating what’s right. With that end in mind here’s how you can contribute to a Fear Free World.

  • Make a donation to the Un-Bank. (coming soon)
  • Purchase a product or service from us. (This helps us fund our operations – we are developing a budget, any proceeds from products purchased that go beyond our buget get donated directly to the UN-Bank.)(coming soon)
  • Start a new conversation where ever you are, what ideas are there to change, add, invent, be or do something new to change our current economic system. We’re not just protesting anymore. Share your ideas here, there and everywhere!
  • Do your own Debt Analysis. How much money are YOU funnelling to the 1%. Get out of debt as soon as you can.
  • Help one another.
  • Create financial co-operatives.
  • Lend to one another at zero interest.
  • Help your kids and friends pay off their debts and mortgages FAST.
  • Remind yourself and everyone you know that it’s okay to need, ask for and accept help. This is how we contribute, this is how we create relationship and meaning.
  • Resist the continual, never ending message that you are alone, in danger, at risk
  • Stop feeling ashamed about your financial situation. Talk about it. Be real. Brainstorm. The more money hides in the shadows the less we understand it.

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